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June 21, 2016

Mobile Strike Strategy Guide

All You Need to Understand About Traps in Mobile Strike

Snares are extremely strong units in mobile strike. They deal out loads in return, take little damage from troops and help keep your own troops living. Nevertheless, it is possible to only construct 125k of them initially. This guide aims to tell you all you need to understand about traps their stats, like how they work relative to regular troops, how not to lose them and when to construct them. So I will be releasing the guide to Artillery at the same time which it is possible to see here — tricks go hand in hand with their counterpart troop Artillery.

A Quick fire Review of Tricks:

Snares are assembled in the Wall inside your foundation. Unlike troops, there are 5grades of tricks: Tier 1, Sand Bags, Tier 2, Tier 3 and Grade 4. Updating your wall raises the maximum amounts of tricks you could have. For information on specific Traps stats see here (coming shortly).

Tricks are incredibly powerful, but endure one drawback that is crippling. Let us start with their strengths.

Advantages of Snares:

Snares are not significantly inferior to their troop counterparts. Here are the edges of snares vs. troops:

Do double damage

Have double the defense

Have double the health

Troops do less damage when fighting with tricks