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June 18, 2016

Potential Health Benefits Of E Cigarettes?

According to CDC (Centre for Disease Control & Prevention) smoking causes over 5 million deaths annually, world-wide. However, it is still a preventable cause of death. Despite problems related to tobacco consumption and all the alarming disorders, smokers continue using tobacco cigarettes with no limitations. Some people think it is hard to stop smoking. In such cases, it is not in any way astonishing that when a new product (that shows the possibility of controlling nicotine addiction) reaches the marketplace, people are willing to put it to use.

E Cigarettes — Are They Helpful?

E cigarettes or electronic cigarettes are eco friendly option to their analogue counterparts. Ruy an initially devised in 2003 them — a China based company. Lately, they have begun replacing nicotine cigars. This raised several controversies between the consumers and health organizations.

The proponents of e cigs confidently recommend the use of these electronic gadgets for the benefit of wallet and their health. The consumers locate it a more healthy and non addictive replacement to conventional cigars. But the health bureaus, NGOs and scientists are not so certain. Medical specialists need to learn more about the potential ill-effects and advantages of e cigs whereas, the NGOs are calling for tight regulations to control the sales and so, they are running research and new experiments regular.

Now, several wealthy countries like UK and U.S. don’t enforce any limitations on the sale of best electronic cigarette since they don’t include the necessary quantity of tobacco that can cause possible health damages. Considering the increasing popularity of e cigs, some worthwhile purposes which are mentioned here have been made by the critics.